Natural Remedies after Gallbladder Surgery

Life is the most precious gift people received, thus, it is important to value this gift of life. Taking care of human body is one way of showing that you value your life. However, you can never avoid some instances where in you can encounter unwanted condition like having diseases. Human disease is caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. It its either accumulated from outside like the food, water, air, and many other, or produced from human body as the result of their lifestyle or way of life.

One of the diseases with a million cases all over the world is the gallbladder disease. It is one of the common conditions that women and some men suffer. The most common reason for this disease is the gallstone. Gallstones are the solid form that builds in the gallbladder, and this is cause by bile salts, calcium, and cholesterol. The symptoms of this illness are abdominal pain and having yellow skin. Most of the people who suffer from this disease had undergone a surgery – by means of removing their gallbladder. Patients with gallbladder cancer have to undergo this surgery to remove the tumors in their gallbladder. Once the gall bladder is removed, the storage space of the bile tends to accumulate in the patients liver. Then, this will result to the reduction of bile flow for the reason that the liver does not contract in squirting the bile into the patient intestine as what the gall bladder does. This condition then causes to constipation or diarrhea or indigestion and this lead in the weakening of the liver. Furthermore, it may also cause bad breath, insomnia or sleep disorder.

On the other hand, there are several natural remedies that a patient who undergone gallbladder removal can do.  Based on the Chinese medicine, removal of gall bladder can actually cause depression to its tolerant. It may also affect the caused into other health problem. Thus, taking natural herbs is an effective remedy that a patient can do after he/she undergone a surgery. Taking or using olive oil is also one the things that a gallbladder cancer patient can do. The usage of olive oil provides lots of benefits to its users particularly those who have experienced gall bladder removal because it reduces the possibility of stone formation in a human’s gall bladder. It is also good for the health because it can avoid or prevent the lowering of fats or cholesterol that usually caused gall bladder cancer. Because of its low fat chemicals, it lowers the cholesterol level in the human’s body, or what is also known as the density lipoprotein.

Gall bladder is the one responsible for the breaking down of fats in human’s body. It has an important role in human’s body though it is that essential or important to it. After undergoing a gall bladder surgery, it is needed for the patient to balance their diet, modify their eating habit, and avoid any bad fats that may result to the rise of stomach problems. Patients are recommended to eat vegetables and fruits particularly beets which cure the inflammation of the bladder and the areas that surrounds it; carrots which helps cleansing the gall bladder, the avoids infection caused by the operation; pears which reduced the inflammation and the pain linked by the cancer; oatmeal which help in the eradication of stomach problem such constipation, and fast recovery from the surgery; brown rice which eliminate the numbers of bile duct cancer symptom; bananas which improve digestion; and black and blue berries which help maintain a healthy digestive system. Lemon juice is also a good alternative for a gall bladder patient for them to avoid gall bladder attack.

Except from these natural remedies, there are still number of alternatives that a patient can do after the surgery.  Natural alternatives can be done at home such peppermint which cleanse the gall bladder; alfalfa which cleanses the liver and supply needed vitamins and minerals; apple cider vinegar which relieves that pain quickly when experiencing from gall bladder attack; and different kind of beneficial herbs such dandelion, ginger root, parsley, and many other. These stuffs can be used for an effective and fast recovery from a surgery.

Natural method is a productive and persuasive way to do after undergoing a gall bladder surgery. This is more effective because it is free from chemicals. Also, it is convenient to easy to do because the things needed are always available and can be done even just at home. Natural remedies have several benefits or advantages like reducing the risk of side effects, it has a low cost or it is affordable, and its availability since it anyone can have it without any prescription.

Thus, natural remedies are highly recommended especially for those who have undergone gall bladder surgery.

Gallbladder Attack Relief

Gallbladder attack is very painful that it is similar to heart attack. To lessen the stress of this attack, there are remedies that can relieve the patient with gallbladder. Antibiotics are one of the solutions, and for long term basis patients, should have a balance diet. The gallbladder helps the digestive process by reducing the fats as it produces bile. The process in the digestive system is affected when there is an infection in the organ. As a result, cholesterol lumps occur, thus causing the formation of gallbladder stones. The symptoms are not always present, but the pain maybe constant or intermittent. The usual attacks occur after eating fatty meals or while sleeping at night. The main sources of the problem in the gallbladder are the gallstones.

gallbladder anatomy

The deposit of cholesterol and calcium bilirubate that results to inflammation is where gallstones are formed. When the gallbladder is inactivate because of pregnancy, diabetes, cirrhosis, obesity and celiac disease, the stones occur. There are also gallbladder conditions like bile duct stones and infections of the bile duct, which is Cholangitis. This is a very painful condition. The good thing is that people with gallbladder attack can prevent this from happening. You will discover some of the best ways on how to prevent this in the succeeding paragraphs.

In order to prevent this disease from running your life, it is a rule of thumb to have a dietary habit. This will surely pave the way for you to experience relief from the pain of gallbladder attack. Eating foods that can produce bile will also help you to have a long term relief. The culprits that aggravate these problems are found in meat and dietary products like butter, cheese, milk and more. When people consume animal products every day and the cholesterol level is high, the pain will surely get severe.  So with proper diet and intake of food, people with gallbladder will sure be relieved.

To reduce the pain drastically cleansing the gallbladder is another effective relief method. Including liquids like juice and soups can possibly help lessen the pain. There are juices that can aid the fats to flush out, like lime juice, apple juice and more because they have properties to eliminate them from the gallbladder. Mono-unsaturated food is a great diet that can help you prevent it. Consuming olive oil, flaxseed and cod liver oil are included in the diet to relieve the pain.

A good dietary habit is the only cure to reduce the frequent and occurrence of the attacks, and this is also a permanent solution to the gallbladder attack problems. Consuming fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, fruits, wheat germ and many more must be included in a daily diet. But in order to achieve great relief, people with gallbladder attack should always remember to take care of their health by following all the tips mentioned in this article. If you can already notice some symptoms, why don’t you have a check up now? You will surely be able to save your life.

Foods to Be Avoided By People with Gallstones

small gallstoneGallstones are crystalline concretion that is formed in the gallbladder by the mass growth of bile components. It is said that once you have these stones, though you think they are gone, it will still have the risk that these will still come back. If you can’t prevent it from coming back, your only option is to surgically remove your gallbladder.

If you don’t want your gallbladder to be removed, try to prevent the stones from coming back by having a list of foods that you should avoid.

  • Milk Products

Milk products such as cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, ice cream, whey, butter and other milk processed products. These milk products have fats that can cause the stones to block the passage way of the bile and causes pain.

  • Red Meats

These are also products that contain too much fat that can start attacks. Samples of red meat are beef and pork. These meats can be replaced with chicken and fish. Make sure that the chickens fats and skin are removed.

  • Eggs

These products don’t contain too much fat but it is high in cholesterol. Cholesterol can cause the crystal formation in the gallbladder. And these are said to be the main cause of the attacks after the patients have eaten it.

  • Deep fried products

These are one of the products that you should avoid because it has definitely a source of large amount of fats and cholesterol that can affect the passage way of the bile.

  • Refined sugars and grains

When these are consumed in large amounts, these can result into collection of higher cholesterol level. It is an advice to these products to prevent attacks from occurring. These are needed to be replaced with products that are unrefined.

  • Coffee

Coffee should be avoided to prevent having attacks. When people take too much of this, it can trigger contractions that may hit the stones during contraction.

  • Products that contain preservatives, additives like colourings and sweeteners.

Processed products contain preservatives that can cause forming of the stones. It is better to eat products that are fresh from its natural state.

  • Carbonated drinks

These drinks contain high level of sugar to replace this take fruit juice instead.

  • Vegetables such as cabbage, turnips, cauliflower and radishes should be avoided because these can worsen the symptoms.
  • Citrus fruits

Acidic fruits or juices of acidic fruits can start the formation of stones.

gallstonesTo prevent gallstones from forming, avoid these products and make it a point to lose weight gradually with exercising regularly. It is better to avoid as early as you can to prevent serious damage to your gallbladder.

Cholecystectomy: Its Definition and Procedure

Cholecystectomy is the surgical procedure for removing the gallbladder. It is a procedure made when the patient have gallstones and to prevent it from recurring. The procedure can be done in two ways, laparoscopic and the older version which is open surgery.

The open surgery is considered as a major operation made in the abdominal part. The surgeon takes out the gallbladder with an incision of 5-7 inch in length. After the major operation, the patient is required to stay in the hospital for about 2-3 days and continue the recovery period at home. With the technology that is also used now in hospitals, another way to remove the gallbladder is the laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is the procedure that has replaced the older version of surgery. This treatment is considered to be safer than open surgery. In open surgery the patient is more susceptible to infection. With laparoscopic surgery the surgeon makes a small cut in the abdominal area to insert the operating ports and small cylindrical tubes that is 5-10 mm approximately. With the insertion of the tubes, the camera is placed in the abdominal cavity with help of surgical instruments. With the help of the camera the surgeon executes the operation by moving the surgical instruments. By looking at the monitor with the help of the operating ports, the internal organs are visible enough to make a surgery. This kind of surgery needs a skillful surgeon that can perform the operation professionally. Laparoendoscopic Single Site Surgery is an advanced procedure which is done with a single incision through the patient’s umbilicus. This procedure was developed just recently.

Laparoscopic surgery doesn’t cut any abdominal muscles that can lessen the pain, and the healing of the wounds is quicker compared to open surgery. With this procedure the patient is safer from getting infection during the time of recovery. Through a small incision by the navel, the procedure can leave no signs of scar after the operation.

After the procedure the patient’s gallbladder should undergo a biopsy. This is to examine the gallbladder if it has incidental cancer. If in case cancer exists, the patient will undergo another major operation to remove lymph nodes and a portion of the liver. The examination is performed to make sure that the patient will be safe from further damage in the operated area.

The procedure may cause the patient to develop post cholecystectomy syndrome that makes gastrointestinal distress and discomfort the upper right portion of the abdomen. The patient might also suffer chronic diarrhea. It is because of the disturbance that develops in the bile system. But these illnesses might be avoided with continuous monitoring of the patient.